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Commercial Vehicles and
Heavy Equipment Division

Al Naboodah Group Enterprises supplies both the government and private sectors with high-quality brands across a range of applications, from transportation such as worker buses, city buses, school buses and luxury coaches to heavy equipment including trucks, forklift trucks, cranes and compressors.


Latest news and events

New charging stations in Dubai ready for region’s first electric school bus

LeAnne Graves November 15, 2017 New charging stations in Dubai ready for region’s first electric school bus

Two charging stations have been added in Dubai, specifically for electric buses, as the region’s first zero-emission school bus takes to the roads.

Al Naboodah Group Enterprises announces strategic partnership with leading European truck brand DAF Trucks N.V

October 03, 2017 Al Naboodah Group Enterprises announces strategic partnership with leading European truck brand DAF Trucks N.V

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Al Naboodah Group Enterprises (ANGE), one of UAE’s oldest and most respected family conglomerates with a diverse portfolio of businesses – together with DAF, a leading European truck manufacturer – today announced a partnership to unveil the latest models of DAF trucks in the UAE.

Al Naboodah unit delivers 750 school buses in UAE

Anirban Bagchi September 12, 2017 Al Naboodah unit delivers 750 school buses in UAE

Ashok Leyland and Sunwin vehicles make up deliveries from Swaidan Trading to fleet operators across UAE. A total of 750 new Ashok Leyland and Sunwin school buses have joined the fleets ferrying UAE children to and from their schools this month after Swaidan Trading partnered with operators such as Emirates Transport, Dubai Taxi Corporation, School Transport Services and private schools to supply the new vehicles.

New green bus on trial in Dubai

July 8, 2017 New green bus on trial in Dubai

RTA plans to conduct trial of Euro 6 standard VDL bus for six months. Dubai: A greener, more fuel-efficient public transport bus is on trial in Dubai and if the trials are successful, more such buses will be part of the city’s transport fleet soon, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Saturday.


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  1. We're very happy with our Ashok Leyland vehicle, as the passenger capacity is more than in other brands, and there is good ground clearance. The AC works well even with the engine switched off, as the AC motor is separate from the engine. Also, the gear changes are smooth and easy.
    Arabian Packaging - Ashok Leyland
  2. I have driven many different buses over the last six years, but I have found Ashok Leyland buses different to them all. It is smooth on the road, and the spare parts are readily available when needed. Most importantly, the service centres are in easy locations, so if we face any issues, it is solved in a timely manner.
    Mai Dubai - Ashok Leyland
  3. I have driven both Ashok Leyland buses and competitor brands, but I have always found Ashok Leyland buses nicer to drive. I like the interiors, and the sound inside is quieter than on competitor models.
    Gate Zone Passenger - Ashok Leyland
  4. We like Sunwin vehicles because of their excellent performance, which is why we have bought eleven vehicles so far.
    North Tours - Sunwin
  5. If you want a good quality vehicle for an economical price, then Sunwin is the best option.
    Ryna Tours - Sunwin
  6. Not only does Al Naboodah Group Enterprises sell Kaeser compressors, we also stand firmly behind the brand with a fleet of 80 Kaesers in our own plant portfolio. We believe in the quality of the Kaeser brand as a stable, family-owned manufacturer. The ANGE fleet of air-powered compressors is 100% Kaeser, which we commonly use on our own civil engineering projects.
    Martin Ashfield - Kaeser
  7. The versatility and mobility of the Sennebogen telescopic crawler cranes supplied to us by Al Naboodah Group Enterprises have made them extremely effective for a wide range of situations. They can be easily transported between sites and put to work within minutes of being rolled off the trailer, and have the added advantage of pick-and-carry capabilities.
    Martin Ashfield - Sennebogen
  8. Clark Forklifts have been around for a century, and have a good reputation for solid build quality and reliability. When we buy Clark products from Al Naboodah Group Enterprises, we can forget about them – they don’t give us any cause for concern for the duration of their working life.
    Martin Ashfield - Clark Forklifts
  9. We have a fleet of 30 DAF trucks supplied by Al Naboodah Group Enterprises for a range of different applications, from rigid tipper trucks to cement mixers. DAF has a reputation for solid European design, and their trucks are highly driver-friendly, comfortable and easy to use. Their excellent automatic transmission requires fewer clutch replacements, and they’re very reliable, resulting in a low total cost of ownership.
    Martin Ashfield - DAF
  10. We’ve had a Maxus G10 modified for wheelchair access since October of last year, and so far our experience has been excellent. I have been very pleasantly surprised by the ride quality and driving experience. It doesn’t feel like a big van, it’s comfortable and nice to drive. In terms of quality and value-for-money, I would highly recommend the Maxus van conversion. I haven’t seen anything else on the market that can match it.
    Emma Copson - Maxus
  11. Maxus vans are good for driving for long periods, as they run smoothly and are comfortable on the road. They also use much less diesel fuel compared to other similar vehicles.
    Company : Beaver Gulf - Maxus
  12. I am very happy with the Maxus V80 van we bought from Al Naboodah Group Enterprises, and 100 percent satisfied with the quality of services provided. Our treatment by the staff at the service centre is very nice and I always receive the vehicle in good time.
    Company : Potential Electromechnical - Maxus